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Escaping the Great White

About the Show

Great White Sharks get airborne like never before as National Geographic shark expert Ryan Johnson heads to sea with Alta De Vos, a young researcher on the brink of a huge scientific breakthrough. Altas work focuses on Cape Fur Seals, the favourite prey of Ryan’s beloved Great Whites. Together Ryan and Alta plunge into the predation zone around Seal Island, a seal megacity at the southern tip of Africa. Their journey results in amazing sightings of how sharks tackle seals, and what the seals do to survive. But there’s a bigger purpose. Alta is giving Ryan a personal introduction to the science that will make her famous. Her confirmation of the idea that when death threatens, its natural to gamble selfishly.


  • Executive producer: National Geographic Channel
  • Producer: African wildlife films
  • Director: Lynn Richardson
  • Host: Ryan Johnson
  • Camera: Phil Richardson
  • Underwater camera: Charles Maxwell
  • Scientific talent: Alta De Vos, Dr. Justin O’ Rian

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