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Sharkville: Based in Mossel Bay in Africa, scientist Ryan Johnson set out on a six-year study to discover the secret life of the great white shark.
The Great White shark is a formidable predator but much of its life is still a mystery. Scientist Ryan Johnson set out on a six-year study to reveal a little more of the Great White’s secretive life. What he finds exceeds anything anyone could have imagined. His study base is Mossel Bay, a fishing and tourist town on the southern coast of Africa. This is where he begins to unlock the secrets of these sharks. Ryan found that they hunt, live, rest and grow up in this bay. He found one of the largest resident populations of great white sharks in the world. But that’s not all, Ryan’s most intriguing finding is that these sharks hunt seals at night!


Broadcaster: National Geographic Channel

Producer: Obsessively Creative

Specs: 1 x 52min Documentary



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