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Production Services

Wildlife documentaries represent a powerful tool to raise awareness about the plight of the world’s wildlife and the passion for conservation in audiences. I have had the privilege of contributing to over 50 hours of shark and wildlife documentaries as a producer, host, researcher, fixer and camera operator. 

Producer / Director

My experience enables me to contribute as a producer or director to wildlife and marine documentaries. Many of the most successful shows I have worked on resulted from strategic co-production partnerships with established production houses.

Onscreen talent

To date, I have featured in over 30 shark and marine documentaries for international broadcasters. My primary role is as an innovative shark and marine scientist / expert

Drone Operator

Qualified RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) pilot with extensive experience in collection of wildlife and marine footage. Currently filming with DJI Mavic 3 RPAS system

Underwater Camera

Qualified SCUBA diver with extensive experience diving with and videoing sharks, whales and marine life. Currently filming with Sony FS7 and A7S mkiii housed in Nauticam underwater housing


Extensive experience in local fixing (permitting, crew referral, service provision, logistics etc.) for documentary films located in both Southern Africa, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

Specialist guide

Specialist guide and marine scientist able to successfully guide and protect crews / talent during interactions and filming of predators and in challenging environments.

Are you developing your next big documentary or wildlife media project? Let me help realise your project’s potential. 

Key Productions

  • All
  • History Channel
  • National Geographic Channel
Filmography, National Geographic Channel
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Full Filmography

2023 National Geographic: When sharks attack (6-part series)

Provided: Onscreen talent, expert consultants, Footage licensing

2021 National Geographic: Shark Attack files

Provided: Expert interview, Footage licensing

2021 National Geographic: Camosharks

Provided: Co-producer, Hosting, Logistics, Field Producing, Footage licensing

2020 National Geographic: Shark vs Whale

Provided: Hosting, Logistics, Field Producing, Footage licensing

2020 National Geographic Sharkfest: Shark vs Surfer

Provided: Onscreen talent, Production equipment

2019 BBC: Animal Impossible.

 Provided:  Logistics, Onscreen Talent, Stock footage, Stock photography 

2019 National Geographic: Predators in paradise

 Provided: Stock footage licensing 

2019 National Geographic: The whale that ate jaws

 Provided: Stock footage licensing 

2019 National Geographic: America’s deadliest shark

 Provided: Stock footage licencing 

2019 National Geographic: Eyewitness – shark attack

 Provided: Stock footage licensing 

2018 Discovery: Katie Price – My crazy life

 Provided:  Marine Logistics

2018 Discovery: Survival of the species with Ben Fogle 

 Provided: Onscreen talent, stock footage licensing, marine logistics

2018 National Geographic: Wild Oceans

 Provided: Stock footage licencing , marine logistics

2018 National Geographic: Hostile Planet

 Provided: Stock footage licencing, marine logistics, scientific consultent 

2018 Smithsonian – Worlds biggest beasts

 Provided: Onscreen talent, stock footage licencing, marine logistics 

2017 Independent: Chasing tails – Last great baitball

 Provided: onscreen talent, camera operation, production

2017 Independent: Chasing tails – The lost manta’s

 Provided:  Onscreen hosting, camera operation, marine logistics

2016 Peoples weather: Bitonga divers

 Provided: Producer, camera operation

2016 50/50: Hammertime

 Provided: Producer, camera operation

2015 Caters News: Great white shark breaching profile

 Provided: Producer, camera operation

2015 Caters News: Boys plays soccer with elephant

 Provided: Producer, camera operation

2013 National Geographic: Shark vs Crocodile

 Provided:  Onscreen hosting, stock footage licencing, UW camera, research and development 

2013 Red Bull: Personal Profile

 Provided:  Onscreen talent

2012 History Channel: Shark Wranglers (10 epsiodes)

 Provided: onscreen talent, chief sicentist, research and development

2012 National Geographic Wild – Shark Attack Experiment Live – Worlds biggest beasts

 Provided: Onscreen talent

2009 Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr 

 Provided: Onscreen talent, Research and Development, Underwater camera

2009 National Geographic – Whale vs Squid

 Provided: Hosting, Research and Development, 

2009 National Geographic – River Shark

 Provided: Hosting, Research and Development, 

2008 National Geographic – Secret Shark Pits

 Provided: Hosting, Research and Development, 

2008 National Geographic – Escaping the Great white

 Provided: Hosting, Research and Development, 

2008 National Geographic – Sharkville

 Provided: Hosting, Research and Development, 

2007 Discovery Channel – Sharktribe

 Provided: Hosting, Research and Development, 

2007 A Myth called Shark – Steve Lictage Productions

 Provided: Hosting, Research and Development, 

2007 National Geographic – Earth Investigated

 Provided: Onscreen Talent

2007 LOOKS Medienproduktionen – Of Shark and Man

 Provided: Onscreen scientific talent,

2007 Creative Difference – Prehistoric Predators – Meglodon

 Provided: Onscreen scientific talent, 

2006 Discovery Channel – Jobs that bite

 Provided: Onscreen scientific talent,

2006 National Geographic – Surviving a Shark Attack

 Provided: Onscreen Scientific Talent, 

2006 Discovery Channel – After the Attack

 Provided: Onscreen scientific talent, 

2007 SABC – The Big Question

 Provided: Onscreen live interview debate, 

2005 ZDF – White Shark Adventure with Thomas Betrumd 

Provided: Onscreen scientific talent, 

2005 ZDF – Manta Ray Adventure with Thomas Betrumd

 Provided: Onscreen Scientific Talent 

2004 National Geographic – Naked Science

 Provided: Onscreen Scientific Talent 

2003  Yorkshire Television – Into the Deep

 Provided: Production logistics, onscreen scientific talent

2003 BBC – Animal Camera

 Provided: Fixing, Onscreen Talent

2002 National Geographic – Earth Pusle

 Provided: Onscreen Talent 

2002 Blue Planet Germany – Hunters of the Cape of Storms

 Provided: Onscreen Talent 

2002 SABC – Tracking great white sharks

 Provided: Onscreen Talent 

2001 National Geographic – Diving Shark Alley with Brady Barr

 Provided: Onscreen Talent 

2001 Independent distribution – Great white experience

 Provided: Script writing and Narration


Clip - Shark vs. Surfer

Promo - Chasing Tails

Clip - Secret Shark Pits

Clip - Camo Sharks