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Interview with David Watts Me and David get into everything from growing up in New Zealand, how I found my way to South Africa, before delving into filming a great white shark hunting a living humpback whale. Listen to full podcast here

INTERVIEW WITH CAPE TALK    Shark expert Ryan Johnson recounts, in detail, the strategic way a Great White went about killing a whale 10 times its size. In recent months, we’ve seen reports of orcas moving into False Bay to, possibly, target Great White sharks. Sharks are, usually, apex predators. Some feed on animals as

The humpbacks whales of Tonga are quickly becoming one of the worlds most famed marine adventures. Every year between June and September, the humpbacks migrate from the frigid waters of Antartica to the tropical paradise and crystal clear waters of Tonga for breeding and birthing. Does the tour include flights? Our tours do not include any airfare.

designed to hold gopro under and above water to film up close and personal shots of breaching great white sharks