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Author: Ryan

MIX FM – David Watts and I chat about all things sharky

Interview with David Watts Me and David get into everything from growing up in New Zealand, how I found my way to South Africa, before delving into filming a great white shark hunting a living…

Capetalk interview – Great White named Helen filmed, for 1st time ever, strategically killing a whale

INTERVIEW WITH CAPE TALK    Shark expert Ryan Johnson recounts, in detail, the strategic way a Great White went about killing a whale 10 times its size. In recent months, we’ve seen reports of orcas…

Humpback Whales in Tonga


these are our five vessels

Bullet time rig

24 cam bullet time rig – featuring gopro 1080 at 25FPS

Bite meter

this is our shark bite meter

Breach cam

designed to hold gopro under and above water to film up close and personal shots of breaching great white sharks

Underwater communication masks

this is our Agar masks

Marine Tracker System

Acoustic tracker system

Fin camera

This is our fin mounted camera

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