Sharks remain one of the least understood, yet fascinating, taxa in the animal kingdom. Over the past decades, I have dedicated my live to revealing the hidden lives of sharks by utilizing the most sophisticated scientific technology available


My methods involve non-invasive mark recapture techniques using photographic identification. This allows stocks and structures of shark populations to be assessed


Shark ecotourism and diving remains a controversial activity. Understanding the ecological and safety impact of this activity is vital to ensure correct management of sharks


Telemetry is the field of tracking animal movement at a distance. My behavioural research on sharks is focussed on acoustic and satellite telemetry


Determing the relative economic value of sharks and marine life when exploiated in a non-consumptive vs consumptive manner. 


Non-invasive measures to protect humans from sharks can contribute to the conservation of sharks. Frequently we are contracted to test efficacy of such initiatives


Evalutation of predator prey relationships between sharks and potntail prey species. DEtermiend via observational studies, stomach content analysis and stable isotope analysis. 

Uncovering the hidden world of sharks