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Toddler Shark Earrings

What's this sharky surprise all about?

I’m not sure if piercing toddlers ears is a thing, but if it is, then I am sure they will be stoked with these cute baby shark earring. If you think they are cute for yourself, then buy away, no reason to tell anyone they are for toddlers.. right?


1000 in stock

  • Style # T034
  • Size 0.7″ x 1.0
  • Toddler Shark Wood Earrings
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood and 90% recycled display cards.
  • Laser-cut wood
  • Image on Front with Natural wood back
  • Ear wires are silver-finished 304L stainless steel, hypoallergenic
  • Doubles as an essential oil diffuser! Just add desired oil to natural wood back!
  • Earrings come as shown
  • Color:

    As Pictured

Shark teeth

You will not find shark teeth, or any product that may have come from a living shark, on this site. If you want a shark tooth necklace, choose for a fossilized tooth or a replica tooth. Then you can be guaranteed it did not come from a living shark killed to provide trinkets.

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