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Shark styled life jacket for Dogs

What's this sharky surprise all about?

Cute and functional, a doggie life jacket that makes your dog look like a shark. As a bonus, if you ever want to recreate that infamous scene from Jaws then simply let Timmy loose on the local beach next summer, sit back and enjoy. (NB The red one is a fish, the green also a fish, and the orange one is a little Nemo fish).



Season: Summer
Pattern: Solid
Material: Polyester
Type: Dogs
Name: Dog Life Jacket
Itme: Summer dog clothes
Color: Red/Grey/Grey/Pink
salvagente cane: Dog Life Vest Summer

  • Size:

    M, L, S

  • Color:

    Red, Gray, Green, Blue, Pink

Shark teeth

You will not find shark teeth, or any product that may have come from a living shark, on this site. If you want a shark tooth necklace, choose for a fossilized tooth or a replica tooth. Then you can be guaranteed it did not come from a living shark killed to provide trinkets.

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