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“Pretend Every Week Is Shark Week” Mug

What's this sharky surprise all about?

Here is something for all you die hard Shark week and Sharkfest fans living outside of America. Then like me, you have to set the alarm clock, get up at some ungodlily time, boil the kettle, gulp the coffee and watch the live premier of the years newest shark documentaries. This mug will give you that little bit of extra motivation needed



This “Pretend Every Week Is Shark Week – Funny Coffee Mug” is sure to make any shark fan smile from ear to ear when creeping out of bed for an early airing of their favourite shark-week premier.


  • 11 or 15 oz sizes

  • Crafted from the highest grade ceramic

  • Mugs are microwave and  dishwasher safe



  • Capacity:

    All White 11 oz, Black Handle 11 oz, All White 15 oz

Shark teeth

You will not find shark teeth, or any product that may have come from a living shark, on this site. If you want a shark tooth necklace, choose for a fossilized tooth or a replica tooth. Then you can be guaranteed it did not come from a living shark killed to provide trinkets.

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