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Hungry Shark Ink-Fuzed Decorative Throw Pillow

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If you are looking to snuggle down into a nice relaxed sleep.. then rather head over to Mike Lindell’s (the my-pillow guy) site. If you are looking for jaws infused nightmares all night long – then you are in the right place.



All of our pillows tell a story. These are not mass produced. Each pillow goes through an extensive production process and is proudly made in Virginia. 

Product specifications:

  • High Thread Count covering

  • Similar covering as used in high-end stores

  • 100% pure polyester fiberfill filling

  • Non-allergenic

  • Machine Washable

Note: Each pillow graphic is hand produced, so some imperfections may occur during the printing process due to wrinkles, etc. We LOVE this. It gives it a unique appearance and proves its hand-made process.

  • Pillow Options:

    15.5” Pillow Cover Only, 15.5” Pillow Cover & Cushion

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