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Over the years, I have built up an array of weird and wonderful specialized equipment suitable for the documentary film and marine research industries. This equipment is available for rental onto projects. Connect with me to inquire about availability and rates.


phantom 4

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  • Phantom 4 drone and accessories.
  • Drone Pilot license



Shark bite meter


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  • Custom built shark bite meter. Capable of measuring between 50 and 5000 newtons of force. Used for sharks and other predator species.



Broadcast video

sony fs7

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  • Sony PXW-FS7 XDCAM
  • Panasonic HVX200p
  • Canon 5D Mk2
  • GoPro Hero (var)



Shark cages

shark cage

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  • 2 x shark cages designed for use on filming, tourism and research projects.



Research / film vessels


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  • 2 x 8m expedition vessels for use throughout Southern Africa.



SCUBA equipment


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  • Over 30 sets of SCUBA for research and production projects. Sets located in Durban and Mossel Bay, South Africa.



Underwater communications

Shark Attack Experiment live. For National Geographic Wild 2012

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  • Custom underwater Agar communications system designed to allow broadcast quality transmission and recording of underwater audio communications.


Breach Cam

Great white shark breach cam

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  • custom built breach cam offers filmmakers a unique opportunity to film breaching great white sharks above and below the water. To view footage from breach cam: click here


Expedition vehicles

Shark meet croc2

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  • 4 x 4 expedition vehicles retrofitted as production vehicles in Africa
  • 14 seater quantum for production sevices

Audio Equipment

senheizer mics

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  • 3 sets radio mics (rode)
  • 6 x shotgun mics (rodE)



Acoustic tracking

vemco vr100

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  • Electronic system designed to manually track tagged marine animals. including sharks, rays and fish.



Fin cams

Shark fin cam

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  • Fins cams are custom designed units that reveal the hidden lives of the sharks and marine creatures that they are placed upon. Totally non-invasive to sharks.


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