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Documentary host and shark biologist Ryan Johnson

Documentary host

My passion for sharks and the marine world has been the driving force behind my work as a documentary host and expedition leader for a range of international and local broadcasters. If you are seeking a passionate, entertaining, qualified and experienced host or marine expert to drive your documentary project forward, then take a look at some of my past work and send me a mail.



  • Sharkville – National Geographic Channel.
  • Secret Shark Pits – National Geographic Channel.
  • Squid vs. Whale – National Geographic Wild.
  • When Croc Meets Shark – Animal Planet.
  • Shark Tribe – Discovery Channel.
  • Shark Attack Experiment Live – National Geographic Wild.
  • Shark Wranglers – History Channel.
  • When Shark Meets Man – ZDF.
  • Escaping the Great White – National Geographic Channel.
  • Dangerous Encounters, Shark Bite – National Geographic Wild.
  • Naked Science – National Geographic Channel.
  • White Shark Dilemma – 5050, SABC.
  • Prehistoric Predators – Megalodon – History Channel.
  • River Shark – National Geographic Channel.