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Learn the skills and techniques of underwater photography from famed photographer Fiona Ayerst and her hand-selected team AM start planningAcquire the knowledge and practical skills required to master the art of underwater photography while exploring the incredible diversity of the stunning coral reefs of the warm Indian Ocean. The course uses “top end” dSLR cameras;

About the Show The most aggressive of all ocean predators, the Bull Shark – known as The Zambezi in South Africa – is notorious for leaving the safety of the deep blue ocean, venturing far up the murky rivers of Africa’s coast in search of prey. But lurking in these shadowy places is Africa’s deadliest

About the show Alex Watts travelled to Mozambique to find adventure and a chance to help research and conserve the wonderful marine life of this little known country. Here she discovered whale sharks, and has been a driving force behind the research of the Marine Megafauna Foundation for the past two years. The foundation has

About the show Killer slugs delves into the incredible and entertaining world of the sea slug – scientifically known as a Nudibranch. This documentary follows the groundbreaking research of marine scientist Yara Tibrica and her discoveries about these tiny marine predators. At her research station in the heart of Mozambique, Yara has discovered over 30

About the show Carlos Mquaqua has a dream! To change the dynamics of the lucrative shark and marine ecotourism industry of Mozambique. For years this industry had excluded indigenous Mozambicans. His dream is to train and introduce Mozambicans to the marine ecotourism industry and in doing so build a country wide respect for marine conservation.