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Circular great white

I am driven by a passion to experience, understand and conserve earths wild places and creatures. It is with this simple philosophy that I throw myself into every endeavor I take on. With my work on sharks, I recognised a group of species misunderstood and in a dire situation, in which 400 millions year of evolution was at great risk of been wiped out. My academic studies, conservation campaigns, and media projects have been focussed on ensuring that humans have the tools and passion to ensure there survival.

Swimming with Sharks

My presentation is a introspective story of regular kiwi set on achieving a singular goal – that of making a positive contribution to the health of the worlds oceans, marine life and sharks! It juxtaposes the two very different worlds I necessarily occupy, a reserved methodological shark biologist and the extraverted media personality fronting shark documentaries. Mine is an intriguing journey of difficult decisions, incredible encounters, immense highs and lows experienced as I navigate the wonderful, yet controversial, worlds of shark science, media and conservation.