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Shark ‘Drops The Base’ Hooded Blanket

What's this sharky surprise all about?

Hooded blankets must be one of the great inventions of all time – is it a blanket? Is it clothing? blanket? clothing? who know, who cares, they are just great! So here we have an awesomely designed hooded blanket, decorated with an Hawaiian shirt wearing shark spinning the decks – nothing beats this.

$69.95 $59.95

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The Hooded Blanket is one of the softest and most amazing blankets that you can get The printed colors are vivid and beautiful, making this a great gift for yourself or someone else.

Special features:

  • Enhanced print quality brings out the extra details and extremely vibrant artwork.
  • Plush 100% polyester Sherpa lining
  • ultra-smooth micro-mink polyester face.
  • Size Chart
    Adult: 80″ wide x 60″ tall
  • Size:


  • Color:


Shark teeth

You will not find shark teeth, or any product that may have come from a living shark, on this site. If you want a shark tooth necklace, choose for a fossilized tooth or a replica tooth. Then you can be guaranteed it did not come from a living shark killed to provide trinkets.

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