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Inside the mobbing and hunting of Cape fur seals by great white sharks at Robberg Peninsula, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Insights into the Mobbing and Hunting of Cape Fur Seals by Great white sharks at Robberg Pensula, Plettenberg Bay, South AfricaInsights into the mobbing and hunting of Cape fur seals (Arctupulis artc) by Great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) at Robberg Pensula, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.  Special Report 001-2019 BWRU Ryan L. Johnson, Barry Skinstad, Fiona

How to film the perfect Great White Shark breach attack

The Great White Shark Breach Attack Nothing beats capturing a great white shark breach attack on camera! They explode out of the water on an unsuspecting prey in a display of extraordinary power and grace. This sequence is a favorite dream of every wildlife camera operator for very obvious reasons. Whilst 10 years ago, filming a shark breaching on a

Ask Ryan

Hi students and aspiring shark biologists, this post will be constantly updated with the interviews and questions I answer for students about sharks, shark teeth, shark attacks, careers as a shark biologist and all those cool sharky things. If you have a project, and I am unavailable for an interview, please feel free to use these

Audio Interview - Ryan Johnson talks to Planet Earth Diver

Here is a quick radio interview I gave to planet earth diver. Gives a good synopsis of the research we are conducting here in South Africa. How should a diver behave in the water with a bull shark? Are shark dives harming or benefiting sharks? Today I am excited to talk sharks with shark expert and explorer Ryan

The 10 greatest shark documentaries NEVER made

For 15 years shark documentaries have been a big part of my life. I have a pretty good idea of what producers, commissioners and audiences are looking for in terms of a great shark documentary. Unfortunately, many pitches for shark documentaries follow the old-fashioned formula – the classic ‘shark attack‘ docco appealing to our primal fear of