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Shark Wranglers

World-class fishermen and ocean explorers risk life and limb doing a job no one else on the planet has even attempted, conducting hands on research of massive Great White Sharks in a dangerous, high stakes attempt to save them from oblivion. Pre-eminent ocean explorer and elite fisherman Chris Fischer is on a quest to decode the secrets of the deadliest creatures in the ocean in Shark Wranglers. The series chronicles the most ambitious shark expedition in history. The crew must track down the world’s most deadly, yet threatened, sharks, maneuver them onto the cradle of their 126-foot boat in rolling waters, and tag each one, by hand. Their goal is 50 sharks in 40 days, a near impossible mission that will test the team’s resolve as they battle through every conceivable setback.


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    Nov 12, 2015

    delicious recipe! I made turned out delicious!