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Oceans Research

Great white shark research institute - Oceans Research

A Great white shark research institute is born

My research institute ‘Oceans Research’ begin conducting great white shark research in 2008. It was established by myself and fellow scientists Dr’s Enrico Gennari, Toby Keswick and Stephen Swanson. Oceans Research was instituted to provide logistics and academic support to students and scientists from around the world aiming to conduct projects on great white sharks and other marine megafauna. To learn more about the institute, our Great white shark research projects and how you can become involved visit our website.

Mission statement

Oceans Research provides and facilitates innovative and dynamic research relevant to the management and conservation of Southern Africa’s wildlife. Its research is interdisciplinary ranging from biological to socio-economic studies of marine and terrestrial resource utilisation in Southern Africa’s coastal society. Oceans Research specialises in investigating the biology and ecology of mega-fauna, including sharks, marine mammals and terrestrial carnivores; we advise governmental and non-governmental bodies on relevant conservation issues.

Oceans Research offers multi-disciplinary practical and theoretical training for aspiring researchers from internship to postgraduate levels. This is done in conjunction with partner schools, technical colleges and universities. In addition to the in-house research projects, the institute provides facilities for visiting marine scientists conducting a variety of projects throughout the major marine biomes of Southern Africa.

Oceans Research strives to divulgate its research finding not only to the scientific community but also, and even more importantly, to the general public, through its website, media releases, scientific and popular articles, and documentaries.