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Part of been able to explore much of the worlds wild places, if been able to share these adventures with others. In 2014, I took on running one of South Africa’s most renowned marine expedition and logistics companies – Blue Wilderness. The original owner, Mark Addison, was a kindred sprit and similarly driven by exploration and discovery of the wild oceans surrounding Africa.

Through Blue Wilderness, he pioneered such incredible adventures as diving on South Africa’s annual Sardine Run and diving in Botswana’s Okavango Delta with the Nile Crocodile. Today Blue Wilderness still leads the pack as South Africa’s most respected shark and marine predator diving company. Whilst I have an incredible team of skippers and guides who work full time for the Blue Wilderness, I still manage to fit in leading a number of our expeditions each year. View some of the expeditions we offer here in South Africa


Sardine Run

Are you ready to discover, dive and document one of the Sardine Run – the worlds greatest marine event? If the...

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