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The Pan and Zoom – Vital skills for wildlife filmmaking

The pan and zoom.  There is so much to say about these two tiny concepts of filming.  They can be angles or devils.  You must know when and how to properly use them, or you risk your film coming across as amateur, tacky or even lazy.   Zooming When buying a camera, too many people get […]

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How to write a successful wildlife documentary story

The biggest challenge for wildlife film-makers is getting a program green lit by commissioning editors. Following trends, building gadgets, finding new filming techniques and building relationships and trust with broadcasters are all really helpful, but the one key ingredient that trumps all others is …. The Story. Without a great story to tell, your idea will be […]

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9 insider tips to be the next Steve Irwin (or David Attenborough)

Few jobs appear as romantic as a wildlife television presenter. Getting paid to: travel the world and witness incredible sights is the dream of many. Crouching down in front of a rhino to deliver a few lines to a camera isn’t really all that challenging! Or is it? Having worked on international wildlife documentaries for the last […]

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