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Blue Wilderness

Blue Wildlierness - Shark and Marine Documentary Logistics Provider in South Africa

Blue Wilderness – Marine and Wildlife Documentary Logistics Specialists

Blue Wilderness is a renowned marine Documentary Logistics company based in Africa. Myself and Enrico took over Blue Wilderness from its founder and mavrick shark diver Mark Addison in 2013. This is a great company that has proved an invaluable asset to documentary producers all over the world who need logistics and wildlife specialists to guide and provide logistic for marine and wildlife filming expeditions in Southern Africa. Whilst the company has traditionally specialized in offering guiding and logistics services to media professionals (this been our first true love!), we added a hugely educational shark snorkeling and cage diving component to the company. Today, between expeditions hosting media and diving professionals, we welcome between 150 and 300 snorkelers who free swim the the Black tip sharks of Aliwal Shoal. Learn more about Blue Wilderness at our website.

Our Mission Statement

South Africa is a hotspot for many of the world’s sharks. South African waters boast well over 200 different species of sharks. Our goal is to take fellow adventurers sea-wards to enjoy close encounters with these charismatic animals. Blue Wilderness cater for everyone with a passion for sharks and marine predators. From beginners to highly experienced professionals, our diverse array of shark encounters and SCUBA dives.  Whilst based at Durban’s Rocky bay (where we run shark cage diving and SCUBA diving adventures on the Aliwal Shoal), we are 100% mobile, and you will find us guiding filmcrews and clients all over Southern Africa, getting them in the right place and the right time for the ultimate shark encounter.