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Africa Media – Wildlife Filmmaking

Africa Media Wildlife Filmmaking Company

Africa Media – Wildlife Filmmaking Company

I began Africa Media in 2012. My goal was to film and produce wildlife documentaries that entertained, yet highlighted important environmental issues. Our wildlife filmmaking approach is to produce stories of wildlife experts, scientists and conservationists that I know and respect. With our small team of camera operators, photographers and editors we are now producing a variety of productions for TV and online distribution, as well as, lending our production skills and fixing abilities to producers needing local crew and logistics experts in Southern Africa. Learn more about Africa Media on our website.

Mission Statement

Africa Media is a wildlife and nature focused content creation company established by husband and wife team Ryan Johnson and Fiona Ayerst. We are located in the heart of South Africa, and enjoy incredible access to both the marine and terrestrial wonders of the African continent. Our core interest is in the production of unique and captivating wildlife and environmental content in either the written, photographic or video mediums.